Shankill Youth

Building Faith, Building Community

The youth at shankill is an important part of our church. We as a community work hard to develop our young people not only spiritually but mentally and emotionally as well. Through the different programs/sessions which are done within the Youth at Shankill, Jesus is at our core. We want to create a space for young people to explore there faith and deepen there understanding of Christ.
Our core ways in which we connect with our young people is through YF on a Sunday night, (through zoom due to restrictions) within this we unpack the Christian faith by exploring and seeking new ways to understand Jesus. Also more ways in which we connect is through a girls group aged 16+ (starting after Easter) and mentoring. Mentoring is a key part in the journey of a young person and Christ. Here at Shankill we also encourage our young people to get involved with different Christian youth projects in the Lurgan area eg New Wine and Glo, this gives the young people a chance to meet new people and equips them for later life. It is important that we personally invest in each of our young people to watch them grow and deepen there love for Jesus. We are excited for restrictions to ease so we can finally take all our online sessions and be with eachother face to face.


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