Our Vision

Building Faith Building Community

Shankill Parish is a vibrant and welcoming church family of different ages and backgrounds seeking to build faith and build community in Lurgan. As we encounter God and grow as disciples of Jesus, we are called to be hope builders in our community as we use our gifts, talents, and passions to serve one other and those beyond our walls, sharing the transforming love of God and leaving a legacy of faith for the generations to come.

We live out our vision in five key ways:


All Involved

From cradle to grave – a multi–generational church family

Discovering and developing our gifts so that our church community might be built up
Giving generously, even sacrificially, our money, time, and talents in response to all we have received from the Lord
Developing a serving culture through teams, always seeking to bless others whether in the church, the local community or beyond


Beyond Ourselves

Prioritizing the spiritually lost, sharing the good news of Jesus in word and action

Honouring the marginalised in our community through an active commitment to compassion
Developing a robust structure for pastoral care involving clergy, a pastoral care team and our small groups
Seeking to bless the town through our civic role, the strategic location of the Parish Church and by further developing partnerships amongst churches and other organisations in furthering the work of God’s Kingdom good relationships with the local community
Fully embracing the Jethro Centre as an integral part of our mission now and into the future
Forming and resourcing strong links with the global church which will lead to sending and receiving people in response to the Great Commission of Jesus.


Creating Legacy

Honouring and learning from our rich history
Investing in the present, recognizing and encouraging what God is doing
Believing for the future, that what seems impossible becomes possible
Fulfilling our stewardship of the church building through sensitive re–ordering and re–furbishing, securing its place for future generations
By what we do in the coming years, making it possible for future generations to find life in Christ and for Shankill to flourish


Disciple Making

Always growing in faith, committed to life–long learning
Applying the truth of Scripture to everyday life, the Holy Spirit our teacher and guide
Seeking to become more Christ–like in thought, word and deed
Naturally sharing our faith in Jesus with others so that they might discover him for themselves


Encountering God

Through Word and Spirit, opening both our minds and hearts
Through every expression of corporate worship, whether traditional or contemporary, spoken or sung
Through structure and spontaneity, combining the familiarity of Anglican worship and the freedom that comes from being led by the SpiritThrough faith and feeling, allowing space for both intellectual understanding and emotional reaction

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